19 Year Old Maro Debuts His Lo-fi Pop Single “Carsick”

Coming out of Beirut, Lebanon, Maro earns a name for himself as a new pop sensation.

Maro first started getting noticed on Youtube by covering other artists songs. Now he is gaining traction by writing and performing songs of his own. His talent and ambition definitely deserve recognition. Maro shows how committed and dedicated he is to his music at such a young age. His first single “Carsick” is undeniably catchy. This debut is a lo-fi bedroom-pop song with intimate and emotional lyrics. Maro uses inflection with his vocals throughout each bar keeping the song continuously interesting. His sweet voice and persona are a sure way to gain more fans, not to mention his raw talent and creative songwriting skills.

“Moving and traveling around during my early teenage years made me feel lonely,” Maro describes. “Once I started to write songs and be creative, it became the perfect outlet for my emotions.”

About the song, “Carsick is about my on-and-off relationship with a girl. Despite knowing there’s no point in trying again, I still do, which leads me to bad habits and a repetitive cycle.” – Maro

Listen to “Carsick” below:

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Written by Hunter Lake

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