Indie Band Polarized Eyes Shocks Us With Their New Song “Sinner”

Polarized Eyes is an indie-rock band made up of three aspiring and ambitious teenagers.

Right off the bat Polarized Eyes makes a strong impression. These teenagers are following their heart and creating a sound most bands seem to have lost. They follow the traditional rock ‘n’ roll theme with distorted guitar melodies and assertive lyrics.

This teen trio has recently released “Sinner,” a dark and twisted love song inspired by demons and vampires. The melody is led by a strong lead guitar with just the right amount of distortion. The vocal tone is catchy, expressive, and genuinely emotional. The authenticity and love for music Polarized Eyes brings is unparalleled, as if they haven’t been jaded yet by the rough music industry. It’s clear from the first note of “Sinner” how ambitious this band is.

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