New York Singer-Songwriter & Keyboardist Teddy Wender Calls for Peace & Kindness with Activist Anthem “Peace Will Come”

Teddy Wender is a talented keyboardist, singer-songwriter from New York. He is calling for people to come together with his new song and music video “Peace Will Come.” During this crazy time in the world, with the pandemic and racial injustice, “show(ing) a little kindness” is very important. This rock n’ roll sounding song is filled with soul and authenticity. His voice cuts on the record, his raspy vocals urging people to come together in this depressing yet change-bringing time. Even the horn section feels soulful and seems to be calling for togetherness. The end of the song features a gospel singer and gang vocal, chanting “peace will come for everyone.” Peace for everyone is truly what we should be striving for.

“With the nation being at such crossroads, with over 200,000 deaths due to the pandemic, resulting in millions of jobs lost, and a dramatic rise in racial injustice not seen since the 60’s, political polarization is at an all-time high, peace, love and understanding is all we need now.  It’s time to work together and this song says just that.  Please join us to try to make a better world for our kids.” – Ted Wender

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Rock the Pigeon thanks everyone is standing up, and singing to spread peace, kindness and helping to beat injustice. #BlackLivesMatter

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