Robert Eberle Sings About Betrayal and Losing an Important Friendship in New Single

Multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter Robert Eberle released “Why Did I Lose A Friend”, a sad ballad about losing a close childhood friend. Heavy distorted guitars and stadium-filling drums fill the track and bring the somber mood of a devastating loss. The smooth sounding vocals sit on the track nicely and bring an element of emotional authenticity. Robert blames his friend for their friendship ending, and repeatedly asks why this betrayal happened and why did he have to lose a close friend so suddenly.

Many of us end relationships with close friends over the years or experience betrayal that changes the friendship forever. While this song carries a universal story that many of us have unfortunately experienced, Robert Eberle birthed this song from pure imagination and did not write about a particular personal experience. Songwriters, such as Robert Eberle, that can make up stories without pulling from real-life experiences are certainly a rare breed.

Robert Eberle is a New York-based artist and musician. He began performing at a very young age. Finding his passion early on has allowed him to dive deep into songwriting and performing, sharing his natural musical gift with all who will let him.

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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