Lil Sebby Releases Sophomore LP, Showcasing his Clever Rhymes and Unique Autotune Technique

Lil Sebby is out with his sophomore record, a 10 track masterpiece called Sebbrooklyn!*. Following his first LP, Sebbaluation!*, this new record continues to showcase his writing and rap vocal talents. One of Rock the Pigeon’s favorite tunes from this record is “Do What I Do.” Lil Sebby uses autotune in a stylistic way to highlight catchy hook melodies that appear through out of the song in between rap sections. His lyrics contain swift and unexpected rhymes. They are witty and socially conscious. He’s clever on the mic, his rhymes are both captivating and stand out, and he’s not afraid to show his full vocal range, keeping things extra interesting.

The record can be listened to on Spotify now:

Lil Sebby grew up in Boston and now lives in New York City. In non-pandemic times, Lil Sebby performs and brings a fierce energy to the stage.

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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