Lassai ft. Donny G Provide a Soulful Gift of Queer Love with Their New Song “First Place”

Want a soulful present full of love? “First Place” by Lassai ft. Donny G is a R&B-Soul gift to the true beauty of queer love. Written by Lassai, they provide the soulful melodic vocals, with Donny G coming in with the bars, and thought-provoking words by bell hooks intertwined. Lassi says that “First Place is “a queer love lullaby, motivating couples to affirm one another, and to check in with oneself and each other to see if they are, in fact, sharing love.” “First Place” is guaranteed to wash a beautiful feeling of melodic love over audiences – queer or not, audiences won’t be disappointed.

Enjoy the song on Spotify now:

Check out Ryan Cassata’s Instagram Reel featuring the song:


Written by Jordan Nickel-Dubin

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