Latest Release by Fialta is a Rowdy and Quirky Indie Pop Song

“Omg” by Fialta, released September 25th, is an upbeat anthem style pop song inspired by Weezer and Phantom Planet.

“Omg” starts off with a focus on the highly energetic vocals. The song begins with the wildly catchy chorus which listening to the lyrics, sounds like an honest realization. After the instrumentals pick up we get to hear another set of vocals. This is a great combination and really adds to the layers of “Omg.” Although the lyrics may be a little forward, the energy and impression we get from Fialta with “Omg” is incredibly upbeat and inviting. Don’t miss out on Fialta and their great music!

“With this track we wanted to have fun with embracing some of that relatable, satisfying, funny nerd-rock we listened to in the early 2000s, ” says David Provenzano, who sings lead vocals and plays guitars on the track. “It’s a grittier, more raw direction than we’ve taken in the past as a band. It’s about millennial malaise —about our generation waking up and realizing we aren’t so young anymore, just kind of feeling tired and over it. But I think a lot of people, no matter their age, can relate to that sentiment right now.” With quirky guitar solos, overdriven vocals and thick bass, “Omg” is a funny, earnest, spastic, self-deprecating rant — and a taste of some of what’s coming on Fialta’s forthcoming full-length record.

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Written by Hunter Lake

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