Who Gets the Nintendo Post-Breakup? An Adolescent Tragedy Tells Us in Song

An Adolescent Tragedy is out with a full band pop punk banger called “I’m Keeping The Nintendo.” Previous songs that we have heard from the Los Angeles-based punk band have been more in the acoustic punk / anti-folk genre. An Adolescent Tragedy got into the studio and created a more modern sound with this version of the song. Heavy drums, distorted electric guitars and bass, bring a much fuller sound to the song. The lyrics are about a breakup but have a comical spin.

The songs melody is reminiscent of “Ohio (Come Back To Texas)” by Bowling For Soup. Heavy guitars and an angsty vocal delivery make the track fit in with Bowling For Soup, Simple Plan, Blink 182, Good Charlotte, and The Get Up Kids.

An Adolescent Tragedy is currently in the studio working on a full LP. We hope it’s in a similar style! Check out the single right now:


Written by Ryan Cassata

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