“Untouchable” is the 2020 Message Everyone Needs to Hear

“Untouchable” by SKEE-LO & C Moe was released through “MusicMogul Entertainment” – an indigenous owned and operated nonprofit association serving as a platform for musical talent across the United States. They felt called to action after the murder of George Floyd, and decided to release a public service announcement via song to communicate their solidarity with the victims of systemic oppression in the United States. SKEE-LO says, “The Hip Hop community stands in solidarity with the victims of systemic racism and police brutality. I hope Untouchable inspires a new generation of rappers to speak truth to power.” SKEE-Lo’s powerful message paired with the talented artistic voices of C Moe, Natalis, and David Ruffin Jr. is already a 2020 essential. When remixed by Michael DeBarge, Dre da Most & Michael Cassidy it becomes a call to action that will make you feel like a superhero – it only makes sense that it is “The Avengers Remix”. Don’t miss out on this powerful piece as it re-imagines a future where everyone is safe; these are the messages of hope that will lead us into the future.

Listen now:


Written by
Niko Storment

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