The Candid Release Debut Single, Setting a High Bar for Future Releases

Hailing from Nashville, Tennessee is the talented rock n’ roll band The Candid. They are out with their debut single “Run This Town.” It’s a strong first release from the band and makes us excited about what’s to come for this young and talented group.

The lyrics dive deep into story telling and don’t shy away from painting a true picture of their hometown. Both catchy verses and choruses are found on this track. In fact, the song is catchy from the very start of the first verse to the end of the song. The Candid are pulling the listeners in to becoming fans straight from the gate. Sounding like a fusion of 50’s rock, pop-punk and indie rock, The Candid bring a different sound to the scene, especially in Nashville. It’s a refreshing addition to the rock world. The punkish sounding vocal tone contrasts the big band sound of the music to create something truly stand out. I’ve definitely become a fan and am looking forward to future releases.

“Run This Town” is an anthem for the under-appreciated and a reminder to those in power that it’s the little guys like us (the interns, the baristas, and the taxi drivers) that really drive communities. – The Candid

Enjoy the track on Spotify now:


Written by Ryan Cassata

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