Rob Drabkin is Here to Spread the Love with New Song & Painting Lyric Video

Rob Drabkin is here to give you a boost of joy on his latest song “Let Out The Love.” The official lyric video takes a unique turn compared to most lyric videos. It’s nostalgic in presentation and recording style. Rob Drabkin paints a beautiful nature portrait as the song plays. The painting adds to the happy energy of the song especially because Rob is smiling so much while painting the canvas! The track features a huge chorus with gang vocals, further driving the message of spreading love to all who listen. The community feel of the songs production is uplifting and fitting for the lyrical content. Acoustic guitars and a warm vocal really bring the message home.

“Love is ever-present,” Drabkin tells listeners. “We share it with each other through laughter, smiles, and sympathy. We can find it in everything, and we can create it in the smallest, most unassuming moments of our lives. We should all have the courage to choose love in every decision we make.”

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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