Justin Bieber Wins People’s Choice Award & Performs “Lonely” and “Holy” at 2020 People’s Choice Awards

Justin Bieber and Benny Blanco start his two song set with “Lonely.” The camera style mimics the cinematography of both the original music video and his Saturday Night Live performance, where a camera follows the artist in one shot. Bieber and Blanco perform from a cold bus stop where no one is around besides the two of them. The performance is eerie and chilling and perfectly captures the mood of the songwriting.

The energy shifts from devastating loneliness to upbeat romantic energy as Justin starts performing “Holy.” The set is neon, first featuring on the Biebs, but then graduating to a happier shot featuring a chorus and band…all six feet apart of course. Bieber gives one of the greatest performances that he has given this year and packs some seriously fun energy. He seems to get a boost of adrenaline as he joins with the other artists, making for a truly memorable performance.

Written by Ryan Cassata

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