Ryan Shaw, Rob Thomas & Derek Trucks Explore the Relationship of Love and Pain

Ryan Shaw is out with an R&B anthem called “Love In Pain.” Co-written over Zoom with Rob Thomas and Derek Trucks, this song proves that a great song could be written through technology and far apart. The pandemic is not stopping the creative process.

“Love In Pain” features a catchy hook melody, a soulful vocal, and memorable bluesy guitar riffs all the way through. It is well-produced, each instrumentation and vocal serving a specific purpose to boost the songs likability. Gospel-style background vocals add another element of soulfulness to the recording as well.

Lyrically the song explores the relationship of pain and love, and how they often exist at the same time. It’s a tough but important lesson to learn. Judging by the emotion in the vocal delivery, it seems evident that the songwriters are drawing from personal experience.

Listen to this great song on Spotify now:


Written by Ryan Cassata

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