Scotch Mist Enchants Listeners with Funny Face

The Rhodes-sounding keyboards on Scotch Mist’s new song “funny face” is enough to draw listeners in. By the time the first vocal lines play, as a listener, I am fully enchanted, wanting to hear more. This indie rock song definitely has a vibe to it. It’s musically brilliant and vocally compelling. Done in a way that is not over done at all. The song is extremely chill, slightly lo-fi, and very psychedelic. Summarize this song in just a few words? It’s an experience.

The instrumentation choices are very fitting for the laid-back vocal delivery. The song smoothly transitions into a very different mid-section. While it still fits in musically, the vocals lift in mood, and the pacing feels quicker. The song drifts back into the psychedelic vibe again for an instrumental section with slide guitars that are doused in reverb and a horn performance. Brilliantly done, from start to finish, this song is a true masterpiece.

I saved this one on Spotify, and you definitely should too! Dig in to funny face by Scotch Mist.

Written by Ryan Cassata

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