AJ Smith Followed Health Guidelines in New Music Video but Never Features a Single Mask! Watch Now!

AJ Smith has a catchy song for celebrating the New Year! “Confetti” features a pop vocal and centers around a captivating piano performance. Some of the chorus lyrics go “I wanna break out the confetti, Raise a glass to feeling healthy, Make a mess with that confetti.” These lyrics are perfect for New Years’ Eve or any other celebratory event or day! Maybe even perfect for a negative test result…

AJ Smith and music video director Whitney Wolanin didn’t show the reality of 2020 in this music video… there are no masks. In fact, there are no faces. This music video was shot from the waist down to abide by Covid-19 safety protocol and guidelines. Actors were safe and wore masks but no masks were featured in the music video, making this video fitting for any time period. This music video is a break from seeing masked faces, and it is a virtual party. It’s good energy! The music, the lighting, and people coming together…even if it is only their feet that are are seeing. We feel the vibe of group celebration. We are lead to believe they are smiling and having an excellent time. This music video concept was very creative and deserves to be watched, and this song definitely calls to be heard! Give yourself a break from our current reality and dive into this scene…

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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