Pop Punk Band Moldy Roses Go Retro for “Millennial Falcons” Music Video

The band called Moldy Roses new music “Millennial Falcons” combines a vintage looking music video with a pop punk sound. The contrast between the music genre and music video style creates a truly captivating experience as both a viewer and listener.

Moldy Roses packs lots of energy into their 3 minute and 40 second anthem. Fast paced drums, angsty vocals, and distorted guitars are the sound of this song. The song fits in quite seamlessly with bands like Blink-182, NOFX, Fall Out Boy, Simple Plan, New Found Glory, and Lit.

The lead singer of Moldy Roses plays a teacher in a classroom in the music video. He looks from the 1950’s with his glasses and hairstyle. He resembles Buddy Holly. The rest of the band are his students in the music video. My personal favorite part of the video is the ending… SPOILER ALERT (be sure that you have watched the music video above before you continue reading this paragraph)…. where the lead singer is seen trashing his suit, and skateboarding into the distance as his briefcase spills.

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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