Adeem the Artist has the Song that Summarizes the Pandemic

What a strange year it’s been! A pandemic, quarantining for 9 months, and mostly living a life of isolation. We’ve all been through the wringer this year. The vaccine is slowly rolling out but the numbers keep climbing. We all wonder when the world will open up, and how? We wonder how long this will all last and if the world will be different. What places will have to close down for good? We are not alone in our worries and fears. We are not alone in our feelings even as we quarantine and isolate. The whole world is going through this very hard experience. All at the same time. I repeat…we are not alone. You are not alone.

Adeem the Artist has the best song that summarizes the pandemic and really let’s the listener know that their experience is human and valid and normal. It’s called “Pandemic Days” and it covers so many aspects happening in all of our lives right now. I think this song is a good reminder that we aren’t alone through all of this, many of us feel like we are slightly loosing our minds, and we all just want this to be over.

The singer-songwriter hits many pandemic-topics in the lyrics. Delivering the vocals with a very catchy melody, Adeem the Artist surely has the song that covers it all. He talks about the sadder side of things like missing his friends, being in fear of losing his parents, and afraid of the future and how the world will be. Very relatable for me and probably for you too. He also talks about how time seems to move differently, sometimes really slowly, sometimes really quickly. Sometimes we don’t even know how many days have actually passed. All of that is covered in the lyrics.

He talks about all of the things he is doing to pass the time; making art, cooking, dyeing his hair, reading, gardening, napping, and much more. He even sings about Animal Crossing!

The song comes across as comical at times, highly relatable, and hopeful. It’s definitely an anthem, and hopefully it makes some people feel less alone in this strange journey that we are on. I know it made me feel less alone. Listen to this catchy pandemic-themed song now:

Written by Ryan Cassata

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