Prismatics Turn Pandemic Woes Into Inspiration on Endlessly

Prismatics Turn Pandemic Woes Into Inspiration on Endlessly 

Where most people (rightfully) hunkered down, stayed inside, and began a months-long Netflix binge back in March at the onset of the pandemic, Missouri-based four piece Prismatics got to work.

Vocalist/keyboardist Brooke Austen, guitarist/vocalist Josh Clark, bassist/vocalist Jo Bossi, and drummer Ben Stenberg were working on the follow-up to their 2018 debut, New Emotion, when coronavirus took hold, effectively cancelling their studio plans.

“Much of the songwriting process began shortly before the pandemic took place,” Austen adds. “When the time came to record, we found ourselves miles away from each other and operating remotely.”

Relying on a self-described Frankenstein’s monster of recording setups, the band tried their hand at recording separately from their homes, but you wouldn’t be able to tell listening to their undeniable cohesion and new wave revivalist charm across Endlessly. First single and lead-off track “Outside Looking” bursts out the gate with a post-punk drive, building to an all-too-relevant chorus craving escapism after a period of isolation, while recent single “Every Smiling Thing” exercises their knack for atmospheric dream pop.

Pulling lyrically from miscommunication in the social media age, the dichotomy of passive people turning into agitators online, and a longing to be authentically known, Endlessly is a star student in the pop leanings of new wave greats Blondie with the left-field experimentalism of cult acts like Suburban Lawns and and Echo & The Bunnymen.
Endlessly arrives on vinyl, CD, and digitally today, but you can stream it below.

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