If You’re Into Hip Hop You Need to Hear “Hip Hop 101”

Mega Sean also known as The Heresy is out with a hip hop song that dives into the roots of the hip hop movement and genre. It’s called “Hip Hop 101.” Mega Sean also gives advice to the artists that are just starting off. Wether you are just diving into the genre or wanting to participate in it, this song has some great information for you.

The retro sounding beat brought a nostalgic feel to me, allowing the lyrics to fully sink in. The vocal delivery is upbeat and cheerful. You can hear gratitude in the rappers voice. He truly loves this genre and appreciates the roots. His lyrics talk about free-styling competitions between friends, the legendary KRS-One, and writing and recording. The lyrics also talk about how the music business could be shady and many reps are in it just for the money and will steal creative content and money from artists. He also gives some advice that printing merchandise will carry you further than stream revenue will.

The album cover features spray paint art and break dancing which are another huge aspect of the hip hop movement, genre and the culture.

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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