Etaoin Makes Her Debut With Emotional Single “Bedroom Walls”

Crafting a debut release can be a daunting task for any musician, however, UK artist Etaoin’s beautiful single, “Bedroom Walls,” goes to show that the hard work put into an introduction pays off.

Released on January 8th, 2021, “Bedroom Walls” was the soft yet melancholic bliss that we have all been needing. Across a warm blanket of acoustics, Etaoin eloquently details the pain and reflection that grows out of heartbreak: “I’ve been talking to my bedroom walls because I never had the guts to call.” The deeply personal lyrics in this track don’t drag you down either—graced with sweet, pop melodies, and Etaoin’s warm vocals, you feel a sense of comfort from her sadness and self reflection.

Kicking off with sunny, fingerpicked guitar, “Bedroom Walls” begins to show influence from indie folk—similar in timbre to Taylor Swift’s recent releases—while maintaining a stable base of pop-born roots. Elements from both of these genres are precisely selected and employed to effortlessly bring the listener close and foster a genuine connection between them and the art. In regard to her own musical style, Etaoin states that “it‘s the real ugly shit that gets me the most. The stuff that really plunges into you and hits you right in the guts. I want my music to be that voice through your headphones when you can’t really talk to your friends about it; a reminder that even though it might be 3am in your bedroom and your whole house is quiet, you’re never truly alone.” Well, I believe that it is safe to say that her execution here was flawless. 

Etaoin’s musical talents expand past her lyrics with an impressive repertoire consisting of whistle, singing, songwriting, and flute—all of which she had won awards for by age 10. With a diverse background in music, it is no surprise that “Bedroom Walls” is so powerful. Etaoin’s debut single is only the first of many gorgeously reflective pieces to come with an EP projected for release in late 2021. 

Do yourself a favor and sink into the sweet acoustics and genuinely human lyrics showcased in Etaoin’s “Bedroom Walls!”

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Written by Ayden Mullen

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