Rome-based Eternuit joins forces with LA-based Joey Busse on their Electro Pop hit “Back 2 Me”

Their collaboration started during lockdown. Eternuit’s reaction to being stuck inside in Rome was a genuine longing for the American prairies where the sun hits so hard it almost hurts.

“Outside, the sun was shining brighter than ever here in Rome, but I was forced to stay inside.” He told me on Instagram. “[Our track] “Back 2 Me” is more than a love song; it’s a song about light and energy.” According to him, this song is his personal tribute to the American culture which runs inexplicably in his veins.

When looking for a sweet, yet scratchy voice to deliver his tribute, he contacted Joey, who with his fresh vocal style compliments the song perfectly. 

I reached out to Joey and asked about why he wrote a song about longing for an ex-romantic partner on such a happy beat. “I thought adding the juxtaposition of a more melancholy lyric while keeping the top line more upbeat and almost happy sounding could be nice to my ears.” I also asked if the lyrics were about somebody specific in his life, trying to get all the juicy details for us readers, and he responded “[n]ot necessarily about someone specific, but I’ve had enough heartbreak to be able to put myself in that headspace for writing,” he jested.

“Back 2 Me” is a song with elements of several genres, from EDM and Melodic House to Pop and Country. We adore this track, and can’t wait to hear more from both Eternuit and Joey Busse.

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Written By: Bryce Quartz



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