Karma Fields and Shey Baba Drop the Perfect Song for Manifesting Your Dreams

The new collaboration song between Karma Fields and Shey Baba is funky and psychedelic at the same time. “Dreams” is more than just a song, it’s an experience. It’s a meditation. A manifestation. It’s something bigger than a song. The vocals soar into the high range, traveling to unexpected yet still fitting places. The way the vocals are delivered is psychedelic sounding especially one the ambient synth sounds. The greatest part of the song is the bass performance. The line is catchy, thick, and full of energy. It carries the song and helps to keep the beat.

The repetition vocal in the song sounds of a younger voice. The style feels both motivational and haunting at the same time. The line repeats “My dreams will come true.” The way the line is delivered comes across as a manifestation of reaching goals and living out dreams. It sounds like the vocalistic is chanting the line to put it out into the world and make their dream a reality. They are declaring that their dreams will come true. If you sing along enough times, maybe yours will too.

In a way the song feels like a meditation. While the production and delivery leans in the chiller realm of music, the song will still pump someone up by inspiring them to think of their dreams and materialize them.

This is Karma Fields and they Baba’s third song together. We can’t wait for more! Or maybe even an album in the future? Sounds funky and awesome! Listen to “Dreams” now:

Written by Ryan Cassata

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