Young Rising Sons are Bringing Sunday Sunshine For Valentine’s Day

Young Rising Sons are out with a new one! “Sunday Sunshine” is an extremely catchy bop. Combining elements from Top 40 Pop and Rock, the band fuses hooky melodies with a moving bass line that will make you want to dance. The song is irresistibly fun and provides a huge serotonin boost for the listener. Compared to their song “Scatterbrain”, which was how Rock the Pigeon was initially introduced to Young Rising Sons, “Sunday Sunshine” leans more towards the pop realm versus the rock realm. The rock elements are still there though. The song does have a similar energy as “Sad (Clap Your Hands).”

This Sunday happens to be Valentine’s Day. Single or not, this song is perfect to top your soundtrack for the Holiday with the mood boost it quickly generates. Listen to it on Spotify now:

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