Micah Bendigo’s Original Live Song Performances at RAH Studios are a Must-Hear

Micah Bendigo blesses us with a live performance of his original song “Rain Will Come.” Recorded live at RAH Studio in Byfield, Northamptonshire, England, Micah Bendigo brings a particular sincerity to his performance.

“Rain Will Come” is a very calming listen that showcases humanity. The lyrics come across as universal and authentic. “Hard times rising and the rain won’t come. I said Mary just hang on.” The vocal delivery brings a feeling of togetherness, like we are never alone in our struggles, that everyone is going through this. The vocal delivery is what makes the song so compelling. It blatantly honest and temporarily lifts the feelings of isolation during this pandemic year. The guitar echos off of the vocals, fitting together perfectly, making the perfect song.

This song is a true gift and we truly hope to hear more from Micah Bendigo! He says he has about 30 more songs that will be uploaded to YouTube soon!

Written by Ryan Cassata

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