Fan Fiqtion and Cameron DeGurski Assure Listeners: You Are Not Alone

The very talented Fan Fiqtion has teamed up with equally talented Cameron DeGurski to deliver a song with a great message titled “Not Alone.” In these trying times, it’s hard not to feel lost and alone. This song has the power of spreading a positive message that captivates listens and truly let’s them know that they are not alone in this. Fan Fiqtion’s great message is spread with very authentic sounding music, acoustic guitars, light percussion, and anthemic vocal harmonies. The vocal delivery is packed with raw emotion that comes across as believable and helps carry the message further. They sing a beautiful repetition: “We’re gonna help each other through this.” The music builds around the lyrics and the line “You’re not alone” joins in. This song is truly magical and needs to be heard!

“In the midst of a pandemic, trying to do my part to stay safe and stay home, stop the spread… months go by and the loneliness starts to settle in. The little things, like going to a concert and family gatherings have all been postponed. We are forced to reach out and check in with one another, reminding each other we are still here. We’re not alone.” – Fan Fiqtion

Listen to the track on Spotify now:

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