Meet Arrlo, the So-Cal Pop Rock Band Making Waves

Arrlo combines elements of pop and rock in their debut songs “LSD” and “WFTWTE.” The two songs serve as a great introduction to the band, showcasing their musical and songwriting talents. Both tracks are packed with emotion and energy.

Their first release, “LSD” combines the elements of heavy drums and catchy melodies to tell the story about a toxic relationship that’s coming to a close. This song has a dance beat, but stands out with an emo sounding vocal delivery style. The song features a breakdown section with a melodic guitar solo. The chorus on this track is irresistible and definitely hooky enough to get a party singing along. I could definitely see this song becoming an anthem at live shows or college parties!

On “LSD” Arrlo says: “With lyrics that showcase a “DGAF” attitude, LSD highlights the nature of wanting your cake, and eating it, too. So much growth comes from ending toxic relationships, but some of us don’t end them because we’d rather spare someone else’s feelings. That’s when two-timing, drug use, and mentally/emotionally checking out of the relationship all together can come into play. LSD gives off mysteriously seductive energy throughout, and presents the listener with the chaotic freedom of finally finding yourself again, by putting yourself first.”

“WFTWTE” is another song about the ending of a romantic relationship, where the singer seems to take the blame. The band mentions their hometown of Riverside, California in the opening lyrics. The songs title is an acronym meaning “Waiting For The World To End.” This song has another irresistibly catchy hook line, that feels very relatable during the pandemic as the singer paints the picture of sitting alone in an apartment and waiting. The guitarist plays a quickly paced riff which serves as another hook line for this already very catchy song.

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On “WFTWTE” Arrlo says: “WFTWTE is one of those freeing, bittersweet songs you listen to while reminiscing on a road trip. Written at the beginning of the COVID quarantine in 2020, this story comes from an older relationship of vocalist Sunni Suede. Jokes about the end of the world rarely come to fruition, but this one came through in a song. Sunni and his girlfriend at the time joked that if the world was ending, no matter where they were in the world, they’d meet on a particular hill in Oak Glen, CA. Sunni’s lyrics echo reflection and regret of how their relationship ended. But no matter if she remembers or not, he will be on the hill, waiting for the world to end.”

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Arrlo has a goal to become one of the first transman fronted mainstream rock bands in the industry!

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written by Ryan Cassata

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