Concept’s New Record “Dive Deep” is a Masterpiece that Could Spark Empathy, Solidarity, and Change

Independent rapper and musician Concept is out with a full length record titled “Dive Deep.” The 14 track record was released on February 21st during Black History Month.

Concept’s powerful hip-hop song starts off with a famous quote from the legendary Malcolm X; “Who taught you to hate the color of your skin? Who taught you to hate the texture of your hair? …We are oppressed. We are exploited. We are denied not only civil rightsbut human rights.” The lyrics of “Butterflies” are deep and need to be listened to by all. Concept’s lyrics add to the words of Malcolm X’s speech “The Ballot of the Bullet.” The same problems that the Black community was facing that sparked the Civil Rights movement, are still happening now. The struggles are clearly documented throughout Concept’s entire record. There is no part on this record where Concept seems to shy away from honesty with his experiences and emotions. His experience, and the experiences of people in his community, are detailed and documented throughout each track in a powerful, insightful, and moving way.

In America and throughout the world, there is still a system problem, an oppression problem, a violence problem against our Black brothers, sisters and siblings. This isn’t a problem that started recently yet it’s a problem that has been ignored by the majority. Yes, perhaps more media attention was gained on the issue last year as Black Lives Matter protesters took the streets to peacefully protest the murder of George Floyd, but violence and oppression against Black people has been going on for centuries. That struggle is often left out of the media, or portrayed in an inaccurate way to diminish the intense suffering that exists in reality.

Concept’s record contains many lyrics that document his struggle as a Black man in America. I highly recommend listening to the entire record all the way through. Dive deep into the entire thing including the tracks that follow “Butterflies.” It’s a personal look into Concept’s experience, and I believe the lyrics can have profound impact on listeners.

The lyrics accurately describe the systemic racism and oppression problem in the United States, detailing violence against Black poeple. Concept delivers the truth confidently and does it with emotion that has the power to spark empathy, solidarity and change.

Musically, the beats on the record are laidback. They often combine modern and retro elements, and features keyboards, and impressive bass lines. The beats are well-produced and give more than enough breathing room for the lyrics in the rap vocal to be taken in. As a whole, the record is not just a lyrical masterpiece, but a musical masterpiece. It begs to be listened to as a whole, but each track stands strongly on it’s own as well.

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written by Ryan Cassata

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