Here’s Why You Should Add “Generational Heartthrob” by Reece to All Your Playlists

“Generational Heartthrob represents that when it comes to the entertainment industry, what you see is not necessarily what you get.” – Reece

An artist’s journey through the music industry promises the highest highs, but for many, it is often an abusive relationship. It is a career which pits hope against reality, under the harsh light of consumerism and gatekeeping. Reece’s latest single, Generational Heartthrob, explores all of this through his own dance with artistic fulfillment. Written and recorded in his bedroom, the song sets a melancholy narrative against clean guitar tones and driving alternative drums. It was produced by Chris Sclafani, formerly Benny Blanco’s longtime engineer.

Reason Number 1

Obviously, you should add this song to all your playlists because of Reece’s phenomenal voice. He delivers soft and beautiful vocals throughout the entire song that can make anybody want to sing along. The crisp and clear delivery from Reece makes us feel the emotion in his voice. The stacked vocals and ad-libs also add that extra punch to the song. I honestly feel like if you muted the instrumental and just had his vocals played a cappella, it would still be one of the best songs out right now.

Reason Number 2

The instrumental perfectly compliments Reece’s vocals. The calming guitar tones set the scene for the lo-fi indie-pop vibes of the track. The percussion also compliments the soundscape by keeping the flow of the song steady and mellow. The production on the instrumental makes the song elegantly clear and concise, with light buildups and smooth transitions. This instrumental certainly keeps us wanting to come back for more.

Reason Number 3

The lyrical content is brilliant and meaningful. Reece tackles the complex subject of the music industry and his navigation of that. You can tell just from emotions and delivery of the lyrics that this is personal to Reece. He’s speaking from experience. The music industry can be a nasty game that chews you up and spits you out, and as artists, we can often find ourselves wanting to mold who we are just to fit into what the “industry wants.” This song eloquently describes that disconnect from mainstream success and what we’re taught as children. In the United States, we’re often raised to believe we can be whatever we want to be as long as we believe in ourselves. Reece appropriately tackles this notion by bringing reality into the mix.

“But I know nothing in this world is ever truly free”

Reason Number 4

Let’s be real. We’re in the middle of a pandemic, so you’re either working on the frontlines as an essential worker, or quarantined and bored out of your mind. “Generational Heartthrob” brings relaxing and introspective vibes to any situation, whether you’re driving to work, need a song for your smoke break, or you are cleaning the house by yourself. So what are you waiting for? Add the song to your playlists already!

Be sure to stream “Generational Heartthrob” by Reece on all platforms now, add it to all your favorite playlists, and follow Reece on his socials below!



Written By: Bryce Quartz



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