Feeling Unavailable but Still Catching Feelings? You Have to Hear Pjpoppy’s New Song

Pjpoppy shares the story of being emotionally unavailable yet falling in love with a girl. His new song “Every Little Moment” is about feeling unbalanced when it comes to spending time with his lover. He’s thinking about the other things he could be doing, and feels like he is wasting time that he doesn’t really have. Perhaps, he’s not the romance or relationship type, but that didn’t stop him from catching feelings for someone. His heart drives him to spending time with this person as he sacrifices the other things in his life that he feels he is meant to be doing. Perhaps, he is just afraid of falling in love and getting hurt and would rather avoid the whole process. It’s a common feeling!

The track is slowly paced but comes across as soulful and serious. The production leans in the R&B genre, with some lo-fi / bedroom pop elements. The mid-section of the song features an unexpected rap vocal that brings some energy to the track. The song seems to morph into another realm for a moment for that rap section but then makes a smooth transition back into the soulful sung vocals. We love a catchy hook! Check out the song on Spotify now:

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