Hear this Enchanting Heartbreak Anthem by Kat Meoz

Venezuelan-American singer-songwriter and producer Kat Meoz’s new pop song “Reason” is authentic and emotional. Her vocal is enchanting from the very first moment of the song, reeling in the listener, and convincing the listener to listen to every last word she sings. The verses featured synths and drums, with Kat Meoz’s voice floating on top. The chorus explodes into a larger sound with an extremely captivating vocal melody.

The song is about heartbreak, deceit, and inauthenticity in a relationship. In the lyrics, she’s asking for a reason to stay. The topic is universal and can relate to any situation of uncertainty and discomfort.

She tell Rock the Pigeon; “This song is my heart’s cry. It’s a call out to the universe, to send a greater purpose; a reason to live. Having written this song halfway through 2020 I felt very strong that others would identify with the message; whether yearning for a shred of authenticity in relationship, or trying to find new inspiration in career. It’s a siren call to conjure new doors opening, it is my double dare to the universe to step up and create with me a life filled with deeper meaning.”

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