“My Old Friends” by Izzy Heltai is About Figuring Out What Home Is

The heartfelt single “My Old Friends” by Izzy Heltai is exactly what you need to hear when you want to feel at home.

When asked to summarize his style in three words, Izzy responded “everyday queer trash.” He has tattoos, a pierced ear, a pretty shitty mustache, and bleach blond tips. He cuffs his pants, and wears his t-shirts tucked into his light wash jeans. But he believes he leads a moral life over an aesthetic life. When asked if he would give his life for all of the art in the Met, he said no. When asked if he would give his life for other people, he said yes.

The child of two mathematicians, Izzy showed little interest in numbers, science, or academia. Luckily, his parents adjusted. His mom took him to lilac festivals, ballets, and Newport Folk Festival back when kids tickets were $20.

Izzy’s mother is Italian; she loves opera and 60’s female folk singers. His father is Hungarian; and Izzy still isn’t really sure what he does for work. His sister is a socialist who works for Haymarket books, which has quite a Twitter presence. 

Izzy Heltai wrote ‘My Old Friends’ at the beginning of July last year when he was struggling in his life needed a sense of home without really knowing where to get it.

“I grew up in Boston but have lived in Western Massachusetts since I was eighteen. I’ve fallen in love with the physical, as well as mental, space and presence I’ve found living in small town Massachusetts. ‘My Old Friends’ is about figuring out what home is.  It’s about realizing that the place I’d just left, the place I thought I was done with, was still where I wanted to be.”

The song starts with soft acoustic and electric guitar melodies. We’re then blessed with Izzy’s soft and warm voice combined with fun-to-sing vocal melodies. The pace of the song keeps the peaceful and fun vibe going, making me crave wanting to hear this song performed live. The catchy lyrics are sure to be stuck in my head for days to come!

There’s also an amazing lyric video that’s a MUST WATCH! Check it out below!

Be sure to check out Izzy Heltai’s new single “My Old Friends” on all platforms now, and be sure to follow him on his social media below!



Written By: Bryce Quartz



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