Artist Group 81355 Released “Capstone” Music Video

81355 makes a very strong debut showing a clear knack for rhyming lyrics and a captivating flow on first single “Capstone.” This is the first drop off of 81355’s upcoming album “This Time I’ll Be of Use” that is due out at the end of May. It’s a grand introduction to this group of three artists that we expect to see quickly rise in popularity. 81355 is out of Indianapolis and features local legends Sirius Black, Oreo Jones, and Sedcarin. The band combines elements of trap, hip hop, and pop to create captivating songs with strong lyrical content that cannot be ignored. The song doesn’t have a stereotypical cliche section but the synth lines are sure to hook in the listener in the same way that a hook line does.

More ways to Find 81355 :

Rock the Pigeon

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