FM Thread Sounds Like a Throwback to Woodstock

Indie duo FM Thread has released a seriously authentic folk song “Don’t I Know It” on all streaming platforms. Matthew Darius Campbell and Floyd Graham from Melbourne, Australia, grace the track with poetic lyrics and raw and live instrumentation. The song features softly delivered vocals and alluring harmonies. Banjos, acoustic guitars, and string instruments can be heard throughout the track.

Both the songwriting and production of “Don’t I Know It” fits in with 1960’s and 1970’s style singer-songwriter folk. I think FM Thread would have been perfectly fitted to grace the stage at the original Woodstock. They have the same peaceful vibe to their music that singer-songwriters of that era possessed. Plus, there is a certain authenticity that they hold that cannot be mocked. This new band brings a classic and nostalgic feel that still feels fresh to the listeners ear, especially in the sea of current synthetic sounds that is the mainstream music industry. Rock the Pigeon is excited to hear what they have out next! Listen to “Don’t I Know It” now:

Written by Ryan Cassata

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