Brandon Jenner Signs to Nettwerk, Releases “There You Are” as Loving Advice to Brother

Los Angeles singer-songwriter Brandon Jenner is a new signee to the Nettwerk Music Label. His new song “There You Are” is a lead up to his EP “Short of Home” which is due out this June. “There You Are” is an authentic sounding Americana song with sliding guitars and a banjo. The subtle production gives great room for the lyrics to hit in an emotional way. The vocals are soft, smooth, and soulful. The song and music video is about the relationship of two brothers. The lyrics dive in to the theme of brotherly love as the two brothers live very different lives. The song seems to be written as a letter of advice from other brother to the other, which is very touching. Honestly, the lyrics are advice that mostly anyone can use at least in one point in their life. Watch the “There You Are” music video now:

“It’s mostly about how society forces us to lose sight of the fact the only thing we have is the present,” he admits. “We spend so much of our time planning for the future—which causes stress—that we spend very little time in the present. It’s a reminder we have lungs that work and hearts that beat. You’ve got to silence the noise of society and be in the moment.” – Brandon Jenner

Written by Ryan Cassata

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