Demi Lovato Openly Shares Her Overdose Story and Premieres “Dancing With The Devil”

Demi Lovato has to be one of the most real pop stars out there. Her authenticity is showcased not only in her latest docu-series but also through her lyrics and music video for “Dancing With The Devil” which just premiered tonight on YouTube.

The music video features artistic footage of Demi Lovato’s nearly-fatal overdose and hospital recovery. Her lyrics tackle the common story of an addicts road to relapse and overdose. She explains starting back at alcohol, thinking she can handle it, and eventually leading to harder drugs and more use, eventually leading to death.

This song in no way romanticizes drug use but it sends a message to viewers, that this could be them too. I would say that the song and music video are educational and promote recovery from addiction.

I honestly have never heard Demi’s vocals as powerful as she is now. She has reached a new level as an artist and a singer. Her rawness and ability to open up about her addiction and recovery adds a soulfulness to “Dancing With The Devil” that cannot be faked. Most artists shy away from talking about sobriety, not Demi…and the talk is so needed in the music industry where heavy drug and alcohol use is normalized and even glorified. Big thumbs up to Demi Lovato for staying true to her feelings and honoring her story with this powerful music video and song. We are definitely fans and appreciate her honesty and dedication.

The documentary-series is equally as powerful and covers the full story of her relapse and eventual overdose. Demi is frank, not holding back at all, as she shares what she remembers from all the events leading up to her overdose. She gets very honest, something that recovery requires. Her family and friends also share their parts of the story with great emotion. The docu-series brings awareness to the struggles of addiction, trauma, and sexual abuse. Watch the music video now:

Written by Ryan Cassata

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