Bobby Guard and Importer’s single “Can’t Go Back” tells an oddly comforting tale of regret and reflection

If you’ve been needing something to look forward to during the pandemic, Bobby Guard and Importer’s upcoming EP, “Stockholm,” is just for you…

The leading single, “Can’t Go Back,” kicks off with a wide synthetic whirr and grows into an introspective choir of twangy guitars, lax bass, and comforting vocals. The instrumental rolls and recedes along with the lyrical–and emotional–ebb and flow of the song, leaving the listener enthralled in the sonic landscape unfolding before them. “Can’t Go Back” holds an incredibly unique mix between electronic and acoustic elements: warm drums, wide vocals, light strumming–the three met with an electric keyboard and a bold, crunchy guitar tone. The instrumental mix on this song, simply stated, is unlike anything that I have heard before (and is absolutely fantastic).

Bobby Guard: fantastic Arvada-based singer/songwriter

While Bobby Guard and Importer both boast warm, full voices, the lyrics to “Can’t Go Back” tell a different story; tales of regret, pain, false realities, and hindsight could be posted to the groovy folk-influenced song’s lyrics. “Jumping out of the window when the well runs dry… the American dream, can’t go back to sleep,” just a few of the intense, insightful, and relevant lines interwoven throughout this song’s beautiful instrumental.

Based in LA, Importer boasts an incredibly unique and personal songwriting style.

“Can’t Go Back” is one of the most moving songs that I have heard in a while. The pandemic and its wrath has undoubtedly left most of us traumatized and without access to an outlet. This song’s comforting sonic environment and personal lyrics have proven themselves to be oddly therapeutic, allowing me to escape reality and face a multitude of my own “can’t go back” situations. Songs like “Can’t Go Back” never fail to remind me about how powerful the musical and storytelling arts truly are; nothing is nearly as comforting as hearing your own experiences and seeing yourself represented though a beautifully crafted and encapsulating song.

“Can’t Go Back” is streaming everywhere now! Do yourself a favor and take some time to listen to and experience this alternative folk masterpiece.

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