“Around the Finger” is The Chill Summer Night Anthem of the Year

We’re calling it now, folks.

Cover Art for “Around the Finger”

Following the release of his latest full-length project, “Look Boo, the Stars Are Out”, Winston-Salem, NC artist Volz brings his inimitable creativity to the world of music once again. This time, however, Volz is not solo on this symphonic adventure. Another Winston-Salem artist, KamDoja, decided to partner with the talented artist/producer on this project, and aid him in painting their own picture the blank canvas of musical creation.

Volz has been involved in the realm of music since his days of grade school, being known for his unique said form of creation. These sounds are drawing many artists in his area to work with the diverse artist. Volz has worked with TiaCorine, OG Spliff, Follower In Bloom, and many more. This is also true for collaborator, KamDoja.

KamDoja is a Winston-Salem dwelling artist as well, with a track record of appearing with style and grace, then taking breaks in the musical space. After the release of her first solo single “Lotta Love,” Kam has been pacing herself when it comes to creating solo projects, while continuing to rack up many features under her belt. She only has given a serious year to the craft, but brings the presence of a seasoned artist.

Volz and Kam came together once before when Kam delivered an unforgettable opening verse on “Me&U” by Volz. Seeing as how the two had already made an impact, they agreed more collaborations needed to happen. The two have now finished a collaboration EP, with “Around The Finger” becoming a fan favorite from the project.

“Around the Finger” brings an intimate alternative r&b & hip-hop and vibe that rides the entire song. Volz and KamDoja both give poetic verses delivered through infection cadences. Steady:Hyperactive vocalist Flower In Bloom follows with a gorgeous vocal performance to create an intimate hook, that was written by Volz. Volz also produced, “Around the Finger” and recruited trained guitarist Than Ward to add to the dreamy feel.

Volz & Flower In Bloom

The song opens up with dreamy instrumental undertones and the stunning vocals from KamDoja. The catchy lyrics and vocal melodies absolutely enamor me. I love KamDoja’s heavy hitting flows and lyrics here as well. Flower In Bloom’s vocals for the hook are completely addicting. I am going to be singing this hook for weeks along with Flower.

When Volz comes in for the rap verse, he brings steady and fast-paced flows that keep you on the edge of your seat. The lyrics are also thought provoking, bringing more nuance to the track. His vocal delivery perfectly matches the vibes of the song along with Flower and KamDoja’s beautiful voice. I am gonna go ahead and call it, this is the chill summer night anthem of the year!

Volz & KamDoja

I had the privilege of asking Volz some questions about the track, check it out below!

Describe your release in 3 sentences.

This song is very special to me having both KamDoja and Flower In Bloom bring it to life. The instrumental originally had no plans, until I played it for KamDoja one day and she fell in love with it. From there, I reached out to Flower to sing the hook I came up with, obviously because of her absolutely gorgeous voice!

What was your favorite part about making this song?

My favorite part about making this song was definitely writing the hook and watching it come to life through Flower’s voice. She put such an angelic energy to the track and that’s exactly what I was looking for.


What was the hardest part making this song?

The most challenging part about creating this song I think was deciding when it was finished. This is actually one of the more simply produced songs I’ve made and finding the stopping point for production and vocal layers was a challenge.

Was this release cathartic for you?

I’m pretty connected to all my music, and all that I create, especially if I’m performing vocally. This one is cathartic towards romantic thoughts for someone you’ve just met or are getting to know.


What keeps you motivated?

Collaborative work and being a curator of the sorts. I learned that I love to work with other musicians as we combine super powers to make good music! That’s a huge motivation for me.

What can we expect next from you?

What’s next for us is to release the “Around the Finger” video this spring!

What other artists are you listening to right now?

Artists all 3 of us can say we are listening to would be:

i. illohim – “Honey, I Love”

ii. Og Spliff, Sonny Miles, & LesTheGenius – “Still”

iii. Samurai Yola – “Fiyow”

iv. PhazeGod – “Forever”


Thank you for your time answering these questions for us!

“Around the Finger” is track three from the Volz & KamDoja collaboration EP titled “It’s Up To You.” The project is set to release on all major streaming platforms on March 28, 2021! You can follow Volz and KamDoja on their social media accounts below to stay up to date on their latest developments in the field of creativity, and be sure to stream “Around the Finger” on all platforms now!







Flower In Bloom



EP Cover Art for “It’s Up To You”

Written By: Bryce Quartz



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