Feeling Good is More Than a State of Mind in Dirty Nice’s “Supreme Ultimate Woman”

“Vibes” have become a somewhat ubiquitous catch-all in recent years, fitting neatly into fashion terminology, crystal-gazing ethos, and moralistic “vibe check” sit-downs. Vibes as pertaining to a state of being, energy, tone, what have you, are no less present, but simply expanded upon in these modern applications. With Dirty Nice’s “Supreme Ultimate Woman,” the vibes are first and foremost a reflection of the sounds at play, and, let’s be clear about one thing, the vibes are good.

Affected vocals bounce the listener into the buzzsaw bass/drum beat of the hook before smooth vocals ease the ear through Beach Boys organ staccato of the verses. The tonality of the instrumentation is a mix of a number of styles- the four on the floor beat, the soulful keys work, the descending synths. “Supreme Ultimate Woman” feels as ready for a casual bike ride as it is for a college party. The unexpected gem of the song is its lyrical content, at times playful, but nonetheless fueled by its inspiration drawn from Taiji philosophy.

“A song for the one who keeps you balanced between the big sky and the Earth below. For the one who keeps moving through the night, fluid and warm like the wax in a lava-lamp, floating and dancing, soaking up the light.” – Charlie Pelling, Dirty Nice lead vocalist/multi-instrumentalist

A joy of music is letting its energies wash over oneself, and it was a pleasure basking in the world Dirty Nice have created in “Supreme Ultimate Woman.” The new single is out now and streaming everywhere- don’t miss it.

Review by Bobby Guard

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/realbobbyguard

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