Bouncing Off the Walls with Dazy Chain in “Level Up”

There are countless songs in the world of hip-hop that aim to elevate the mood, energy, and outlook of the listener, but it’s a rare find that can take hold and not let go at every turn. In that regard, Dazy Chain’s “Level Up” is one hell of a find.

In the sparse two minutes that “Level Up” occupies, Dazy Chain blasts from verse to verse with a rapid-fire flow, accessing different parts of his vocal range to deliver the low tones of the hook. The next set of verses showcases a melodic sensibility that elevates the lyrics into the catchy thrum of the chorus again. The motif of the backing sample melody throughout is amplified by the beat work, never becoming stale or repetitive in its use, and the beat work itself is playful in its composition. It’s a song that all around feels good, and that’s maybe its biggest ace in the hole in terms of where it stands along other songs in the genre. It moves like a rush of adrenaline, and before you know it, Dazy Chain announces “that’s all I got,” and poof, it’s done.

“Level Up” is out now, streaming wherever you listen to music. Check it out!


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Review by Bobby Guard


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