Following PENGSHUi Down the Jagged Grooves of “Move the World”

One of my favorite experiences with a song is letting it lead the way. It’s a special feeling, not knowing where you may be led with a given piece of music, and “Move the World” is one crazy ride.

UK outfit PENGSHUi invite us into “Move the World” with a twirling descent of buzzing synths that are soon echoed by sawtooth guitars. The rhythm is an unrelenting propulsive thrust toward the song’s hook that bursts forth in a cataclysm of energy. Think IDLES meets latter-day SWANS. I can imagine the negative space between the words “I’ll move the world for you, the world for you” being filled by countless euphoric screams in a live setting, and that’s just from the energy the band is bringing into the studio. There is a stellar mix of grime rap and modern post-punk here that drills into the ear. PENGSHUi are certainly a group to be watched, and I, for one, will be watching. And a word of advice- play this one loud.

“Move the World” is out now and streaming everywhere. Don’t you miss it.



Review by Bobby Guard


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