Ego Death and Outer Space in Blood Lemon’s “One More Time”

One of the more terrifying realizations in personal growth is that one’s own self can be one’s worst enemy. Worse yet, one’s own self may be contributing to some pretty scary statistics the whole world over. Enter Blood Lemon’s new single “One More Time.”

The song, as described by bassist Melanie Radford, “is about realizing that you’re becoming a product of your own destruction. You’re doing it to yourself but can’t find the means to get out of that cycle so you keep going in vicious circles.

The magic of the song exists in its masterful balance of clarity and rage, unified by the song’s overarching themes of self-reflection and fatalistic patterning. The accompanying music video, animated by James WAR Lloyd, details the misadventures of an intergalactic explorer who discovers their own destructive capacity in the far reaches of space.

“One More Time” alternates between an easy bass-led swoon of the verses and a bristling guitar sludge in the chorus: “Waking up again / with bricks in my head / rolling out of bed / ’cause I don’t care” is wailed over the din of guitars, a lamenting testament to self-destructive self-medication. The guitar and bass work during their solo open up into smoothly clear tones, as if parting the clouds of the song’s structure- a hurricane’s eye in the midst of the throngs. Inevitably, the rush of the thrashing chorus dynamics return to take center stage before disintegrating like the last tinges of a bad hangover. One, dare I say, that is worth the night before.

“One More Time” is out now and streaming everywhere. Check out the video below!





Review by Bobby Guard


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