Robert Finley Releases New Co-Write with Dan Auerbach, Found Success in Music Industry After 67-Years of Hard Work

Robert Finley is an artist that I wish I would have discovered sooner. He worked hard for 67 years before finding success in the music industry. Finley is an army veteran and was a skilled carpenter before he lost his sight in his 60’s. Losing his sight is what led him to following his music career and dream of being a professional musician. Robert Finley says “losing my sight gave me the perspective to see my true destiny.” Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys took notice of Finley and began producing his music and writing songs with him, calling him “the great living soul singer.”

Now “the great living soul singer” is preparing for the release of his next album  ‘Sharecropper’s Son’ which drops in just one month, on May 21st. Finley’s single “Country Boy” was co-written and produced by Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys.

The unique music video goes deep. It was directed by Tim Hardiman and shot in the fields of Winnsboro, Louisiana, where Robert Finley’s family worked as Sharecroppers during the Jim Crow era. The lyrics feature memories from Finley’s childhood. Robert Finley was born  Winnsboro, Louisiana in 1953 and worked on the field picking cotton, often having to miss school. He left school in the 10th grade to work full time.

“Working in the cotton fields wasn’t a pleasant place to be, but it was part of my life. I went from the cotton fields to Beverly Hills. We stayed in the neighborhood most of our childhood. It wasn’t really all that safe to be out by yourself. One of the things I love about music is that, when I was a boy growing up in the South, nobody wanted to hear what I had to say or what I thought about anything. But when I started putting it in songs, people listened.” 

Musically Finley’s new song strikes as nothing but authentic. The slide guitars are the most exciting part and compliment Finley’s soulful voice and delivery.

“When we play live, I always leave room in the show for lyrics I make up on the spot while the band hits a groove,” Finley explains. “I guess the younger generation calls it free-styling, but for me, it’s just speaking from my mind, straight from my soul.”

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No matter how hard I try

I just can’t get it right

I’m trying to make a brand new friend

And everybody trying’ to fight

It ain’t easy, it ain’t fare

Is the world so messed up

Am I the only one care

Soo much love that I’m willing to share

Soo many things that I’m trying to do right

I’m trying to make friends

But everyone want to fight

No matter how hard I try

I just can’t get it right

Working from early in the morning

Up until the edge of night

I guess I’ll go back home

Where a country boy belong

I’ve been so many places

City from town to town

Looking for a real good woman

They all seem to turn me down

I’m lookin for a Louisiana girl

To put in to my place

So when I wake up in the morning

There’d be a smile on her face

I guess I’ll go back home

Where a country boy belong

And I’ll tell you one more thing

I’m used to dealing with doubt

Should I be in the big city

My money’s running out

Cost too much for a hamburger

And they want too much for fries

Better not talk to the big lady woman

Cause they want too much for the thigh

I guess I’ll go back home

Where a country boy belong

Article Written by Ryan Cassata

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