Endless Honeymoon: Tré Nixon’s “EZ St.”

A surprise in music is a special kind of treat, so when I put on “EZ St.” by San Jose’s Tré Nixon, the mesh of textures that flew out one bar after the other felt like a whole spread of gifts.

Prince, Green Day, and Bruce Springsteen aren’t necessarily the most similar of artists in their stylistic approaches, but each have built upon a steady foundation of seeing the world through their respective gazes. It’s no wonder each have dabbled in the theatrical storytelling of one or more rock operas in their respective times, and the same penchant for fantastical rock daydreaming found in “Let’s Go Crazy,” “Born to Run” and “Jesus of Suburbia” is all over “EZ St.,” along with the sonic underpinnings of the three.

“EZ St. was written & recorded back in 2017 with co-writers Anthony Brodeur and Kieran Allen in Sherman Oaks, CA. I had just gotten into a relationship, so I wrote the track about wanting to live in the honeymoon phase forever. The hook, “Baby, let’s move in onto Uptown Ez St.”, is me saying I want to make a life here in this moment with you.” – Tré Nixon

Tré Nixon leaps and bounds across his few minutes’ worth of guttural saxophone, thrashing guitars, and backing singers in true star fashion. His charisma and attitude paint every line with delicious aplomb, never passing up an opportunity to strut when others might choose to stroll. His sonic influences may be painted on the sleeve, but it is never lost on the listener that Nixon is the true guiding light here. It is only more testament to his innate talent that the arrangement and performances of his band each have their moment to shine while also bolstering his strongsuits as a lead.

Every second of “EZ St.” packs a punch, so come ready for a show. The new single is out now and streaming everywhere, pay it a visit.

Review by Bobby Guard

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