Summer Going Strong in Mandy Ventrice x OHMR’s New Single “Catch”

“Songs of the Summer” are reliably subjective, but if there’s any throughline, it’s an undeniable energy of “feel-good” when you put them on. In that regard, “Catch” is arriving just in time- a fun, hooky little gem landing in the hot hot heat of August and meeting it with attitude.

“Catch” begins with playful staccato piano, not unlike Shelley FKA DRAM’s 2016 hit “Broccoli.” Yet where that song branched off into a fun testament to getting high, Mandy Ventrice leads us into a rollicking ballad of gratitude. She breaks down all the issues with men she’s had prior and how the new beau she serenades seemingly has none, prompting the great hook, “Baby, what’s the catch?” OHMR’s production is crisp, flowing around Ventrice’s vocal dynamics expertly and highlighting the ebb and flow of her storytelling. The duo work well together, and I have high hopes for future releases based on the, well, catchiness of “Catch.”

Mandy Ventrice x OHMR’s “Catch” is out now and streaming now. Don’t miss it!



Review by Bobby Guard


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