Ethereal Folklore in Toria Wooff’s “June”

Some of my favorite folk works have an edge of hauntedness to them. Perhaps it is the inevitable age-old context which the genre carries upon its backside in our modern days, perhaps it is the nature of its sparseness- human and instrument, sometimes traveling, sometimes posted up somewhere you least expect. Toria Wooff’s rich offering “June” holds this energy throughout its run, parsing the ghosts of its influence with gorgeous instrumentation and Wooff’s striking vocal work.

The repetition of the guitar line through the span of “June” is an ominous and tense thread. It moves in subtle, steady rhythm, like a spider’s legs building a web. This spindly foundation allows the broader strokes of organ work and steel pedal guitar to fill in some of the deeper colors around the edges. Yet it is Wooff’s vocal delivery which captivates and traps the ear most deftly. Her cadences have the stretched bristles of Lucinda Williams with tinges of soul not unwelcome in the Delta Blues of the states. “But if all is lost, then all is fine,” she coos, and the words pass as easy as a lullaby, or perhaps, a curse.

Like in magic, “June” conjures feeling its diverse elements. An addictive unease runs through the work, but Toria Wooff’s steady delivery brings it home for a pleasing listen each time. “June” is out now and streaming everywhere. Don’t miss it!



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Review by Bobby Guard


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