Top 7 Video Distribution Strategies for Independent Creators That Actually Work

Creators who have the proper video distribution strategy help increase the value of their conversions to landing pages and websites by a significant margin. Video distribution is one of the most effective methods for musicians, artists, and other creatives to reach new customers. Content and storytelling have quickly become one of the best ways to market for creatives. 

Treating your video content as a valuable marketing asset is essential, and you need a distribution strategy to help establish your business above the rest. 

But, what video distribution strategies out there are the most effective? As in, which ones actually work? 

Below we have outlined some of the best distribution strategies for independent creators. These techniques will ensure that your video content is optimized for your target audience and will help with the future growth of your brand.


The first strategy you need to implement is setting your goals. Preparing objectives is the best way to make sure you acknowledge all of the risks involved with your strategy and help you stay on track to meet those goals. Tactics might include incorporating your budget for distribution, what channels you will distribute videos for the most engagement, and utilizing resources and tools that will help you to identify where your target demographic. You need to take into account multiple factors to establish your goals upfront within your marketing techniques effectively.

You should also invest in video link shorteners to create ways to track, analyze, and monetize your videos for distribution. How you organize and manage your links and allocation is crucial for planning out your video production techniques and content.


Another great strategy that you can utilize is using proper Search Engine Optimization (SEO) with targeted phrases and keywords. Videos still need captions and summaries, and you can ensure that your video is the first one that comes up in a search by incorporating the best keywords for searching. 

Some ways that you can be sure to be conscious of your SEO is by performing testing to determine what words and phrases are most effective in attracting your fans or establishing a customer base so that you are sure to include them within your summaries, captions, and titles. You can also have specific words within your video transcript. For example, musicians and artists may always want to utilize words like music, create, indie, gig within their SEO to reach the right audience.


Another strategy or tactic you should keep in mind is that many people nowadays do almost everything through their smartphones. Therefore, whatever video channel you choose to distribute on, you need to ensure that you are mindful that you add a mobile-friendly option for all of your videos. 

People are more likely to share your videos through text messages and other message forums if they can easily link them on their phones. Because of this, you can immediately reach a broader audience and have the opportunity for a “viral” video viewing.


The length of your videos needs to be short. In other words, you are working to grab the attention of your viewers by utilizing short, bite-sized tidbits of information. You do not want to overwhelm your audience with too much in-depth explanation. Therefore, the strategy for your content should be to keep your videos quick and to the point.

Think about the video as an appetizer to a meal – you won’t get full, but you’ll get some of the good stuff right from the start, so it is easy to digest, and your viewers are ready for the next steps. The ideal length of videos is no more than a couple of minutes.


Social media campaigns are one of the best options to begin your video distribution, so your strategy needs to include distribution over social media channels. Of course, you can promote the same video over multiple channels, but you should narrow down what channels yield the most likely consumers of your product or service. 

For instance, Instagram videos tend to generate more comments than just photos within the platform. So, your strategy might include utilizing the video stories or reels to target your potential customers. You should also look into YouTube channel distribution since YouTube is one of the most significant search engines for video sharing. Though it is not technically a social media platform, it tends to fall within this category more often than not.


If your brand has yet to create an email list, this is something that needs to be prioritized as part of your established objectives. While social media is a great way to attract customers, it is not owned by you, the independent creator. Email lists create loyal consumers and those that you can reach out to directly for upcoming gigs, performances, vendor shows, and more. 

Your email campaigns should incorporate your videos as part of your strategy. This way, your fans can easily be sucked into reading more because the video aspect grabs their attention and help develop a stronger connection to your service or product. In addition, you will have the opportunity to have fans or customers become interested and go directly to your website from an email.


One last strategy that is beneficial for independent creators is to utilize their websites for video distribution. Anyone interested in what you have to offer and clicks on your landing page or website link should be immediately brought to an impactful video that will give them the confidence to purchase. 

Most people like to look through websites before committing to purchase, so this is the place to showcase your best video content. It might even be more impactful to develop videos that you don’t utilize across other platforms or channels so that people can feel that they have a more personalized or memorable experience when visiting your website.


Video distribution strategies are great ways to bring exceptional results for independent creators. Providing video content is not only engaging but more likely to ensure that customers will come back for more, so be sure to incorporate updates for new events, promotions, merchandise, and so on as your business grows.

You will soon have an extensive email list of loyal customers and gain more exposure and visibility over a vast digital space once these video distribution strategies are incorporated.

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