DIY TOURING 101: Where to Tour, Making & Spending Money, Promoting, and Connecting w/ Fans

Hey Pigeons! Here’s a YouTube video guide to booking smaller venue indie tours. Many indie artists don’t know where to start. Where cities should you play in? Where is your fan base at? How do you find where you have the biggest following? How will you make enough money to survive the road? What are the expenses of touring? How expensive is it? Where does the band sleep? How do you map out a tour logically so that you don’t lose money? What’s a guarantee? Do you have to promote? Do you still have to promote the show if you are just an opening act? How do you promote? How do you set yourself up for future success? Do you need to bring Merch? How do you connect with your fans? Should you run your own Merch table? What weird rules to the venues have? Does the venue let you set up your Merch table and allow you to keep 100% of your profits? 

Find out the answers to these important questions and more in the YouTube video above. 

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Featured Photo Credit: Mae Krell

Written by Ryan Cassata

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