Mateo Briscoe’s Music May Be “Just Your Type”

Inspired by Amy Winehouse and Tracy Chapman combined with his love for pop, pop rock, pop punk, and indie pop, Mateo Briscoe (AKA Local Slothboi) is sharing his story in a way that is unapologetically real and true. Mateo, a FTM transgender male who was born and raised in Sacramento California, has held several live performances (starting with open mic nights) at venues throughout the city, including Holy Diver, The Boardwalk, Harlow’s, and Ace of Spades. He has even taken his shows to venues in the Bay Area including White Horse Bar in Oakland and the Red Victorian Hotel in San Francisco. Mateo really found his voice once he started HRT and hopes to be a positive light and voice for others within the community.

With his fun yet honest lyrics, catchy rhythms and 90s pop rock instrumentals, Mateo takes his mother’s advice to always live his truth by creating his music. From struggles of self-love, romantic love, family trials and tribulations, inner demons, anxieties, depression and everyday life scenarios, he truly has a song for it all.

In his own words, “Music is my first love. Music is my meditation. Music is my reason for getting up in the morning. Music is the friend I turn to when there’s no one near. You’ll always find a helping hand or peace of mind when there’s music around. Music makes me feel alive.”

Mateo Briscoe’s song J.Y.T. (Just Your Type) [feat. JJ the Messiah] is a song that started as a small acoustic song and ended up a slow pop jam. The cover for the song has a sloth, a lion, and a flamingo representing the three artists who worked on the song. The sloth representing Mateo, the lion representing Jesse Hanes, and the flamingo representing JJ the Messiah.

He says, ” J.Y.T is a song for those who are struggling with a crush and feel like no one understands, wishing they had a voice to say something. When I started J.Y.T, I was in a low moment of my life. I had fallen in love with one of my best friends and wished I could be the guy for her. I sat down one day, picked up my guitar and just let the words spill out. My producer Jesse Hanes came to me with new production he wanted to try. Of course it’s exactly what I had been envisioning and needed one more thing. I asked our friend JJ the Messiah to drop a verse and they said “I’ve got just the thing”, and within a month or so we had a hit on our hands. We wanted the world to really feel this song and groove to it even though it’s kinda sad.”

-Written by Ezra Cabrera (he/they)

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