M.A.G.S. is Adventure Pop

M.A.G.S. is a recent discovery that I wish I heard much sooner. His new song “Wait” had me hooked in from the first vocal line and I am sure that it will hook you in just as quickly. “Wait” sounds like a fusion between alt-punk and dream pop. The song takes interesting changes but all the transitions are really smooth and the song always erupts into a memorably explosive chorus. M.A.G.S. will certainly take the listener for an adventure which is why I consider his musical genre to be Adventure Pop. Here’s a quote about the inspiration and production from the Los Angeles based artist:

This song definitely went through a few eras, where I was trying to figure out how to recreate the vibe I had established in the demo. I kind of have this thing where I will make a new song and then listen to it constantly, sometimes for years before it’s time to record it for real, and I end up fighting with myself trying to recreate the magic of the original. I had dealt with this issue a few times up till then, so I tried my best to give the song a chance to evolve. I recorded 3 different versions before I found the one with the right energy. This song is one of my personal favorites because it hits at the spirit of what I want to accomplish as an artist. Part of what brings us all together is acknowledging our flaws and relating to each other through them.” – M.A.G.S. 

Dive in to this awesome sound now:

Wait is off of M.A.G.S. debut album titled “Say Things That Matter.”

Written by Ryan Cassata

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