Nrthview Releases Two New Songs that are Serious VIBES

Nrthview is an artist that the industry is obviously sleeping on right now. This artist has an irresistible sound that is stand out and captivating. “STICK N MOVE” is a track with a catchy hook line, a chill beat, and a real vibe. My only critic is that the song is a little bit too short. I would have loved to hear it go on a little bit further – however, it’s perfect timing for radio! Nrthview almost recently released “CERTIFIED BOSS” that has a more somber feel to it. Driven by piano, feeling like a ballad, this song drives a little bit slower, but still contains a captivating vocal flow that is hard to ignore.

Rock the Pigeon predicts his launch into the mainstream to be coming soon. We are very excited to hear more from this rising artist!

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